Teresa F. Aguon

Like other toddler moms, I enrolled my eldest daughter Mariana at Body Arts because I thought it would be so cute to see her dance ballet in a tutu on stage.  Well, five years later, Mariana and her younger sister Caroline are both still dancing at Body Arts and they absolutely love it!  At first, their pre-ballet classes were just a 45-minute session that we looked forward to every Saturday.  But as they progressed in age and skill, the instructors really took notice and encouraged their improvement each season.  I was determined, however, to only let them dance ballet.  I didn’t think it was necessary to take all the other dance classes offered at Body Arts.  But after a couple seasons in the Ballet 2 level, Mariana’s instructor Miss Danielle really helped me understand how beneficial it would be for her to learn other dance styles to help her grow into a more well-rounded dancer.  Mariana spent a couple seasons in beginning jazz and lyrical before moving up to the intermediate classes and finally being able to audition for mini show group.  Had Miss Danielle, Miss Renita, and all the other instructors not encouraged Mariana to work hard and improve in all her classes, she would not be the dancer she is today.  I’ll never forget when Mariana got off stage after performing one of her favorite jazz numbers and she said “Mom!  I’ve never felt more alive in my life!”  The passion and love for dance that Body Arts has helped my girls develop is worth every penny and every hour spent in the studio.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my little dancers.

Jodeen Mendiola

                  My daughter Mercedes, aka “Cedes”, had been in BodyArts since 2010 at the age of 3. She started with pre-ballet under the direction of Miss Jenny Brouard- Santos. Cedes loved the ballet classes! Eventually Cedes went through other classes at BodyArts, such as Tap, Jazz, and Tumbling in addition to Ballet. The recital at the end of the spring semester was her favorite part of BodyArts – and still is today. Cedes was introduced  to gymnastics when she was 6 years old and one of the coaches immediately noticed Cedes’ coordination and balance, especially on the beam. The coach inquired if she was taking ballet classes because of her ability to perform certain balance skills on beam, usually not easily achieved for kids Cedes’ age. I acknowledged BodyArts as the source of ballet classes and the coach encouraged Cedes to continue because it would help to keep and strengthen her coordination and balance. Since new direction under Miss Danielle Gutierrez, Cedes loves BodyArts even more! Miss Danielle has incorporated lyrical/contemporary dance classes, which my daughter and the other girls get excited to practice. Cedes completed her first BodyArts boot camp this past summer. Not only was she able to work on new skills, she got a good work out as well! She was asleep by 8:30 each night! She also got to know the older girls, with the Show Group dancers taking the younger ones under their wing.


                     BodyArts dance recitals continue to escalate excitement among the girls. Dance routines performed during recitals are a joy to watch. The audience, especially the mommies, see the improvement our kids have achieved and witness the enthusiasm and gracefulness our kids can perform. Costumes are exquisite and creative! I have used Cedes’ costumes for tea parties, Halloween, and at Disneyland. We always get compliments on the costumes. I had people stop us, including staff, at Disneyland inquiring where I bought her costume because it resembled one of Minnie Mouse’s dresses – it was a tap costume worn during a recital.

Aside from recitals and the different classes offered, BodyArts have become part of our family. Cedes has been dancing with the same teachers and dance mates since pre-ballet. The girls acknowledge BodyArts as their second home and second family. As the girls wait for their turn at class, parents will see them doing homework prior to class. BodyArts also acknowledges school as an important asset in the girls’ lives, which I value as well.  Even as we accustom ourselves being in the older group of girls, you’ll witness the respect and discipline the girls show toward each other, the parents, and their teachers.  BodyArts truly demonstrates its culture of poise, pride, and discipline – you can distinguish those exact traits upheld by their dancers!


Dina Jacob

                    My daughter has been a part of BodyArts for several years and it has definitely made a positive impact on her personal growth. Not only has the studio fostered her love for dance but being a part of the BodyArts Family has developed her time management skills as she has had to balance school, dance, & home. She has also formed lifelong bonds and made wonderful memories with her fellow dancers.  I am happy to be part of the BodyArts Family and I look forward to more positive experiences for my daughter.

Raeann Peterson

We discovered BodyArts Dance Studio a year after we moved to the island in 2012.  My daughter Maris was 3 years old.  By the next dance session my daughter Morgan (age 8 was dancing again too.  My girls took classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Tumbling.  During their last year they also took Lyrical .  I recommended the studio to every new family I met.  Five Spring Performances later I am so Thankful for our BodyArts Family.  The studio was one of the hardest things to leave on the island.  Now  at the ages of 7 and 12,  we have just moved to the East Coast and  are settling into a new studio.  The training both girls received at BodyArts has set both of them up perfectly to fit right in. Morgan auditioned and will be part of our new studios Junior Competition team!  I know it is due to all that she learned at BodyArts.  The teachers knew when to move both of my girls when they were ready for the next level.  They walked into their new studio with such confidence, because BodyArts instilled that in them.

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