BodyArts Dance Studio has a legacy of creating young professional dancers with the foundation of ballet. Located in the heart of Agana, our Studio offers instruction in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, hip hop and Tumbling starting from ages 3 and above. Our studios curriculum emphasizes the importance of ballet training to set the foundations of a strong, technical dancer, who is also well-rounded in all styles of dance. We have always been committed to strive for excellence in all areas starting from the classes at the studio, to our performances, and most importantly character. With our love for our students, we pride ourselves as not just any other studio, but a family.

BodyArts Dance Studio | Creating Professional Dancers


OUR faculty

Our faculty is committed to teaching excellence and providing high quality training for your children in all areas of dance. We are passionate about our students and teach them to believe in themselves and their talents. Our high standards of training allows our studio to produce young dancers ready for the world.

Danielle Gutierrez


Danielle Gutierrez is the owner and director of BodyArts Dance studio. Dancing since the age of 9 she has trained in various styles including jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop, lyrical, and ballet. Since the age of 12, she has had the opportunity to represent Guam in various dance competitions all over the world including parts of Europe, Australia, and the United States. Throughout high school, she has trained with many world renowned choreographers who work with celebrities and choreograph their tours and music videos. At age 16, she danced for a television show in the Philippines for the network GMA. At age 18, she moved to Saipan under contract as a SandCastle performer but moved back to Guam to pursue her academic studies and teach dance at the BodyArts studio. Back on Guam, Danielle had the opportunity to dance with Black Grace, New Zealand's lead modern dance company who performs for Jacob's Pillow. Finding another love to dance by teaching and choreographing, Danielle's choreography won "most unique" and placed our studio in the top 15 at the West Coast Dance Explosion in Las Vegas in 2013. Danielle continues with a passion to teach our future generations and is allowed great pleasure in watching our children grow to love dance and bud into professional artists, dancers, and performers.

Reinita Lindlau



Reinita Lindlau began her ballet training with BodyArts Dance Studio at the age of three and has been dancing ever since.  Trained mainly in ballet, she is also well versed in the styles of jazz, lyrical, tap, modern, hiphop and contemporary.  Dance and performance has always been her passion and she has been blessed to turn that passion into a career. Reinita has been able to take the stage as a magician's assistant for Nabil Murday at Magic Rocks Theater and most recently, had the opportunity to become the Magician's Assistant to Anthony Reed. Reinita also danced for The Sandcastle Guam and has been able to represent local talent through these prestigious roles. From her training with BodyArts, Reinita utilizes her technique and training throughout her performances and has had incredible experiences to dance professionally. Besides dancing, she has also done various modeling and tv gigs here on island

Desirene Leon Guerrero


Pre-Ballet level 3-4 and 5-6, Ballet level 1 and 2, Tumbling, and Intermediate Jazz/Lyrical

Dancing for 14 years, Desirene has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical,

Contemporary, Tap, and Tumbling. She has competed under the BodyArts Dance Studio's ShowGroup in Las Vegas, Nevada twice at West Coast Dance Explosion. She also traveled on a European tour with Inetnon Gef Pago this summer to compete with various countries in native dance and performance. Guam won 3rd place overall against 24 countries in a festival competition in Turkey and she continues to train in dancing under Inetnon Gefpa'go's direction while teaching at the BodyArts Dance Studio.

Danielle Dizon


 Intermediate, Junior, and ShowGroup Levels

Danielle's love for dance began at age 11, training in various styles such as jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, contemporary, break dancing, and others. She has had the honor and joy of learning from many admired dance icons in the mainland as well as the amazing local dance community on Guam. Her choreography projects include "Narnia," "Mulan," "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "Once in This Island," and more

Audrey Benavente


PreBallet 5-6 year olds and Ballet 1

Audrey started dancing with Bodyarts in a 2002 when she was 8 years old and has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Tap. She competed with the studio in Las Vegas, Nevada at the 2011 West Coast Dance Explosion Competition as a ShowGroup Member. Audrey continued to dance and perform with Bodyarts until 2012 when she graduated from high school. Bodyarts has always been home for Audrey and she is excited to return back to Bodyarts as a Ballet instructor and hopefully inspire the students just like her instructors inspired her.

Shane Lindlau


Ballet 3&4, junior and show group

Shane Lindlau has been dancing for 18 years with Body Arts. Trained mostly in Ballet and Jazz until he had the opportunity to travel to California to participate in the Dance Caravan convention. Later he was able to dance with a top modern and contemporary company from New Zealand called Black Grace who performed at the famous Jacobs Pillow. Shane has also gone to compete in the WCDE competition circuit twice as a competitor and once as a choreographer. He has then been teaching at Body Arts since moving back to Guam.

Justin Dizon



Justin is a hip-hop teacher at the BodyArts Dance Studio. Justin has 10 years of formal training in various styles of dance including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap and gymnastics. Additionally, his dance accomplishments include receiving several gold and silver medals while competing at LADF and Male Model dancer of the year. His choreography is featured with local artist IAmRayJohn’s music video for “Just You” which he choreographed in 2018. He believes that dance should be fun, free and a way to express where words tend to fall short.

Erica Respicio


Erica Respicio is 25 years old and started dancing with BodyArts Dance Studio at the age of 8 and continued dancing with the studio until she graduated high school. The highlight of her time as a student was traveling for our ShowGroup National Competition in two West Coast Dance Explosion competitions held in Las Vegas, Nevada. While attending college, she tried to incorporate dance classes with her schedule by taking workshops or weekly classes that the university offered. She ya since returned on island and back to the studio as now a teacher. She enjoys being able to give back to the next generation of dancers.

We have assembled a list of our most FAQ's and put them in a list here. If we didn't cover your question, please email us at and we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Register?

    You may register by coming to the studio and filling out our registration form. In addition, we offer a free trial class for new students to try or observe the class and decide if they are interested.

  • How Does Your Schedule Work?

    Our studio goes by semesters. Our fall semesters begin in August and end in December, our Spring semesters begin in January and end in May, and our Summer semesters begin in May and end in June.

  • Do You Have Performances?

    Yes!  We offer performances after every semester to show what your child has learned throughout their classes. We hold our Dance Recitals at the Sister Roberta Center, Mercy Heights for all kids classes and levels. For our Christmas Concert, we hold two shows both with our advanced and beginner students. Each beginning level will be scheduled to perform for either the afternoon or evening showtime, while our advanced student will perform for both. For our Spring Concert, we hold three showings for the day. The first show is in the morning for our beginning levels performance. The second and third showings- the afternoon and evening- will be for our more advanced students performance. For our older and more experienced dancers, we hold both Spring and Christmas concerts at outside venues

  • What Are Your Tuition Fees?

    Tuition differs for each class your child is interested in. Please Call ( 671 - 477 - 622)  / Email ( or come by the studio so we may help you directly.

  • What Is The Attire?


    Girls: Plain black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Hair must be worn in a bun! Bangs and stray hair should be slicked back and pinned away from the face. Wrap skirts are optional. No tutu.

    Boys: Black shorts, white T-shirt, white socks and white ballet slippers. Hair must be slicked back away from the face.



    Girls: Appropriate exercise clothes or leotard with tan tights, and jazz shoes. Hair must be worn away from face. Bangs and stray hair should be slicked back and pinned away from the face.

    Boys: Black shorts or warm-up pants, white T-shirt, white socks, and jazz shoes. Hair must be slicked back away from the face.


    Hip Hop:

    Appropriate exercise wear clothes. For beginning hip hop white indoor sneakers. Hair must be worn away from face.


    Shoes worn for dance classes should not be worn outside of the studio. Black soled shoes are not permitted in the studios. Any articles of clothing not listed, with the exception of warm-ups (must be approved by the instructor) are not to be worn in class. Jewelry is not to be worn in class. We believe that strict adherence to the dress code promotes the proper discipline, attitude and performance in dance class. If a student is not in proper uniform, they will be sent out of class and will not be allowed to participate.

  • Where Can I Purchase The Attire?

    You may purchase attire at the studio, especially shoes so that we may provide the right fit for your child's foot.

  • What Age Can My Child Start Class?

    We start from age 3 and older, however your child must be potty trained before starting classes.  For ages 3-6  we offer pre-ballet classes.  At age four we allow them to start tumbling class and at age 5 we begin their jazz classes.

  • What Is The Best Way To Contact The Studio?

    You may call us during our office hours Monday through Thursday 4:00-8:00pm, Friday 4:00-6:30pm or Saturday 8:30am-2:15pm. You may also email us any time at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Discounts

    We do give family discounts to those with more than one child attending our program. 2nd child discount will be deducted $50 from lesser value sibling tuition fee. 3rd child discount will be deducted $75 from lesser value sibling tuition fee. 4th child discount will be deducted $100 from lesser value sibling tuition fee.


Our ShowGroup team represents our studio and most importantly our island's young talent for dance. This team is our company's ambassadors to compete in national dance competitions and conventions and performs locally for events. ShowGroup embodies our future generation's passions and talent in accomplishing their dreams while showing their dedication and love for dance. This year our group will be competing at the West Coast Dance Explosion in Las Vegas, Nevada this coming summer.


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